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Indoor / outdoor Projection  Movie  Screen & Sound Equipment Rental 



There are two companies that control 90% of the rights to all of the Movies.

Swank and Criterian.

You can click on these links to obtain more information.

They have representative that are always very helpful in answering

all and any questions you may have.

Once you have selected your movie, we will acquire it and the

legal rights to screen it at your event. The selected film must

be available on DVD/Blu-Ray.If you're unsure if your movie is available

on DVD/Blu - Ray, please contact us and we'll find out for you. Movie

selection must be made one month before the event.

Some filmmakers have restricted the use of their

films in outdoor settings.

If you intend to charge admission at your events, certain restrictions may apply, which vary according to your film choice and its distributor. Also, advertising restrictions may apply. Contact us for more info regarding your film selection

Overview and General Information

Here are some important points to consider in making your Outdoor Movie experience as complete as possible for your audience.

Ambient Lighting

This is a very important factor when planning your event. Be on the lookout for any lighting within the immediate area. Street lights and/or business lights need the ability to be turned off. If you have competing lights, you can usually work with the city power company or the business to install "safe on/off switches."


If you don't have restroom facilities in nearby buildings, portable restrooms work fine. These can be rented from companies specializing in outdoor events. Make sure you have enough for your audience size and a light inside is always nice.

Capacity Planning

Find a place where you can grow. You'll need space for hundreds, if not thousands of people; concessions and vending areas; space for live entertainment; and any sponsors that may set up. This can be simple or complex depending on how much you're willing to build around the movie.


Just like any other movie theater, this is your bread and butter. You should be looking at several revenue streams to support your venture. Concessions, merchandising and sponsorships are just a few.

Power Supplies

It's best to find multiple 120 amp circuits. If you're running a popcorn machine, make sure this is on a separate circuit as the rest of your equipment. If necessary, generators work very well. Keep in mind the distance of these to the audience as they can be loud. Silent generators are also available


The types of speakers we can provide depend on a few things. If we have a budget to do complete state-of-the-art 5.1 Surround Sound, then obviously you'll need two of more fronts, two rears, a center and subwoofers. Powered speakers are a better way to go. We use 500 watt minimum peak power speakers. If you're going stereo, two powered speakers for your fronts will suffice. With larger crowds, we add more speakers to give the entire area a full balanced sound.

Simple Starter PA's

Includes two speakers, powered mixer and a microphone. This is the most economical way to meet your audio needs.

Upcoming Movie Trailers

This is a great way to tell your audience what is showing in the coming weeks.

Custom Trailers

We developed animated screen messages and custom images that will impress your sponsors and delight your audience. Play this before your movie to start your evening; enhance branding; communicate venue policies; display sponsor logos, messages or video; and drive audience to your website. We combine both your movie trailers and this trailer for smooth projectionist operation.

Sponsor/Partner Screen

Time Need help funding your event? Creative partnerships effectively offset operational costs.

Other ideas to consider before your movies begin:

Pre-movie cartoons and other shorts

- Independent film maker showcases

- Live acoustic musicians and bands

- Improv

- Stand up comedy

-Trivia contest


-Big screen video games for a few lucky kids.


There are many ways you can fund your outdoor cinema event. If it is free admission, ask for donations to a charity of your choice. The second big revenue generator is your concession stand. Sell that popcorn!

Another form of funding is creative alliances with sponsors and partners. They can significantly underwrite your event by offering cash and in-kind trade products and services.

• Find fun sponsors that are a natural fit to your event.

• Find a sponsor to do your printing and supply concession items.

• Be creative in your promotional pitch and bring these companies on as partners.

Themed Ideas

You can have special themes to add fun to your Movie series. You can make it a one evening theme or make the entire movie series a theme.

One evening theme example.

50’s theme The crowd dresses in character.

Play a movie like Grease, American Graffiti…etc.

Have a costume contest

Have a singing Karaoke contest before

Work with a local car club to display some vintage cars

Theme fun food for sale

Entire Movie series theme example

Pick an actor or director (all Hitchcock, all Jimmy Stewart)

Pick a genre (all westerns, all sci-fi, all 1940’s classic Hollywood)

Include trivia and prizes to match the theme.

DJ / VJ Entertainment

Indy Big Screen can enhance the cinematic audio / video setup with music and videos before, at intermission, and after the Movie. You can add some of this kind of entertainment to your events as well.

Pre / Post Movie Entertainment

Adding wrap around entertainment enhances the experience for the movie goer. It will keep them entertained and involved with the interactive fun. This includes trivia, music videos, themed clips, shorts and cartoons, Karaoke (on a 30 foot screen), giant video games for a few lucky kids, and even a themed dance party afterwards.

Projectors / Screens / Sound

To set your event completely apart from the competition we provide multi-media entertainment that represents the absolute edge of today’s technology. We can combine these elements to create and enhance the mood atmosphere and theme of your event.

Screens and Projectors

We have screens from 3 feet to over 40 feet and projectors to match. If your Outdoor experience has a few dozen or a few thousand, we will grow with your audience. We can also add extras when your budget allows including several screens at once and enhanced audio (as described below).

Audio All Inclusive Packages Starting at only $295*** Now you can create your own Outdoor Cinema Under the Stars. For a special night or a complete film series, Indy Big Screen will bring to you the complete mobile movie experience to match your crowd size and budget. If you have 50 people for a private event or 2000 people for a large scale event, Indy Big Screen has the experience and flexibility to provide you with the best Cinematic package to fit your needs.

Four PA speakers up to complete 7.1 surround sound outdoors for over 5000 people. We will match the sound with your budget and grow with your Movie festival.

Video HDMI / DVI Digital HD 1080 Projection is now available Custom


When we do events, with all the variables, the costs are arrived at a couple of ways.


      Based on budget

When you have a fixed budget we will work within that number and together add improvements as the Movie Festival grows.   


      Custom Designed Packages.

Each venue has their own unique requirements. After a walk through, we will be able to be much more specific with what options are available to you.

Average Prices for 21 foot Movie screen, projector, sound for $549,

movie rights, pre-post entertainment, trailors and sponsor logos on screen.

$549 to $5000. can be much more and can be less.

Price varies based on set up requirements. Multiple events will reduce the price.